Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fashion Radar: White Trash Beautiful Launches

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LA fashion week exclusive: Bon Jovi’s rocker, Richie Sambora has teamed up with up and coming designer and musician, Nikki Lund to launch a new fashion line called, White Trash Beautiful. Rumors spun when Sambora was seen many times with Lund leaving an airport, sharing a limo but in fact they are business partners of a new haute couture line that will appeal to musicians and entertainers alike. The line also appeared last week on EXTRA and has many celebrity fans such as Miley Cyrus, Jessica Simpson and Stephen Tyler. We love the line but the name gives me a different impression. Check out the Website www.whitetrashbeautiful.com which will be updated soon . I really think this line will take off with its fresh approach to rocker chic appeal. This is one to watch, Lund says "everyone has a little white trash beautiful in them."



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