Thursday, March 25, 2010

BEAUTY: The Bronze Dollar

         It was a sad day to the crew of Jersey Shore and many Americans when Congress passed the Tan tax. Starting July 1st , a 10% tax will hit indoor tanning salon usage which was apart of the new health care reform law. About 28 million people are bronze chasers in America and as many PrivyDolls love the sun this affects many of us, including all of the small tanning businesses. Many people are crunching their budget as it is and many say they will be cutting back in the amount of tanning they do. If this wasn’t bad enough additional taxes will be made in the cosmetic surgery category as well.

Although over 2 billion dollars will be raised in the next 10 years to assist in paying for the bill, it seems that of that 2 billion dollars women will be paying the majority of it. Whats next a shoe tax? Women with the average income of $55,000 are the ones buying plastic surgery and most likely tanning. This tax will not stop me and others in the blistering winters wanting to look a little sun kissed, but if this continues it may be cheaper to actually move to a tropical location. The only flip side is maybe, just maybe there will be one less orange zombie running around and the Jersey shore gang will be charging 10% more for their appearances.

If you can still afford to continue to tan after July check out one of my favorites, Boca Tanning club. Our favorite location, Pompano Beach, FL !



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