Friday, March 26, 2010

Fashion Radar: Harem Pants, the 2010 pant

True Fashionistas beware: this trend is for the trendsetters only. When I was in Spain last year they were in every Euro chain store including Top Shop and Miska. The trend has made its way to the US and has been seen all over the runways for Spring 2010. The trend is called, The Harem Pant aka the MC Hammer Pant .There is a rise in the low crotch pant, however it is wearable, trendy and chic. The Harem pant is truly is an urban street style. I would suggest the weary to buy a pair at a cheaper, trendier store like Forever 21 or H&M before buying multiple pairs from designer sites. A great site with many designer Harem pants is Shopstyle.com. 

And we also love the unique boutique in NY and online store, PixieMarket.com. We love the Cavier Pant at Pixie Market, seen below.

How to wear the Harem pant: Since the pant is blousy, wear a tucked in tighter tank or top. Consider a chunkier wedge or heel and a more authoritarian style to pull of the right shoe. Choose a clutch if you are wearing them in evening and also angular, strong jewelry would work best. Choosing them in a black and a jersey material would be a good choice to transition into this HUGE spring trend. I think this trend will carry over through summer. For those that are outfit handicapped- try a Harem Pant jumpsuit which is also a very big trend right now. Seen here at Forever 21 for $24.



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