Monday, March 15, 2010


 Secrets of Aspen premiered on VH1 and has allowed us reality junkies to set our DVRs for another show of  guilty pleasure and drama, drama, drama. The show consists of some socialite women who either live in Aspen or vacation there regularly and the complexity of their lives which include betraying friends, man eating,  and sometimes cougar attacks. Our favorite Gay BFF of Erin, Ben Alopari has given PrivyDoll an exclusive interview to let us into what really went down in Aspen and where we will see him next.Ben is a friend of PrivyDoll and has spilled some gossip on the ladies and his experience in guest appearing on a reality show.

Label/Company Name: Alopari inc
Name: Benjamin J. Alopari

How did you get involved with the Secrets of Aspen show?
 My friend Erin asked me to do the show 'cause I was the only person she knew in Aspen at the time

What fabulous event happened that didn’t make it on the show?
 I had to go camping and I did know anything about and was dressed totally inappropriate.

Have you done any interior design for the ladies on the show? Who do you think needs your design expertise most?
 Well I haven’t done any work for the ladies on the show but for sure they all need help. Hello!

Being from Miami, how is the nightlife different in Aspen?
Aspen is a much more low-key night scene more lounge and bars and toned down attire

3 words to describe your style:
 Classic, chic, eclectic

When Brooke and Erin left the party early in the last episode to leave the 'riff raff' behind, were they talking about you?
They were talking about Laura. Hello! So Stupid!

Have you and Erin made up since the show?
 Yes you didn’t you see the finally episode we are still friends I am friends with all the girls

You got a taste of reality royalty. Are there more reality shows in your future?
As of now I am in talks about something new. Stay tuned!

And Lastly, spill the 'Privy' find: 
 You can find me just about every day at Segafrado on Lincoln Rd. (my office, Hello!) and at all the hot places on the beach most nights and on my computer on the phone working since I have projects outside of Florida.

You can watch full episodes on VH1.com 



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