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INSIDER: Captain of BLISS Chicago Lingerie Football Leaue

Dolls can rock the field and we learned there is a whole league dedicated to dolls kicking butt! The National Lingerie Football League consists of 10 women's teams across the US that compete for the Championship title each year. All along wearing lingerie- inspired uniforms. Remember hating your gym class uniform? If only this idea translated to much more! This league started airing during the Superbowl halftime on Pay-per-view a couple years ago.  It has gained viewers, press and fans throughout the past few years and we truly love having the opportunity to hear about the league straight from the mouths of the babes! Go Team!
Name: Danielle Moinet, Captain of BLISS Chicago of the Lingerie Football League

For those that don’t know what the Lingerie Football League is, how would you describe it? 
 It's 7 on 7 full contact tackle football.  Very similar to Arena Football. The biggest difference, the players are female and wearing lingerie- inspired uniforms.

There has been more and more press every year at the annual big Lingerie Bowl (which airs during the Superbowl). How many games are there during the regular season ? 
 There are ten teams nation wide and one game every Friday night for the regular season, so each team plays four games.  Two at home and two away.

Our Dolls love good lingerie, and we all could use some advice on keeping the girls in place during a full contact sport! What's the trick? Yes, we use double sided tape and it works like a charm!
Your uniforms are hugely popular especially amongst your male fans. Who makes them? and if you could have any designer design them who would you choose?
 Our uniforms are made by Foxers and we love them.  They are very comfortable and tight fitting so they stay in place during the game.  I love Victoria's Secret but I don't think they would be able to make our uniforms.  It wouldn't be durable enough!

What would you say to women that think wearing lingerie on the field takes away from the the legitimacy of the sport? 
 I know the reason why guys initially come to our game...to see pretty women play football half dressed but that element only lasts for the first five minutes.  After that we have to show our fans that we can actually play and that the money they spent on tickets was worth it!  So I would encourage those women to come check out a game sometime and see for themselves why we've been selling over 6,000 tickets a game!

The hits are for real, what injuries have occurred on the field for the Bliss? 
The Bliss has been very fortunate when it comes to injuries in comparison to other teams in the LFL.  We've had a broken wrist, a couple concussions, herniated discs, not to mention countless sprained ankles, jammed fingers, infected turf burn, and pulled muscles.
Assuming you and your teammates didn’t grow up playing football, what you have and your teammates learned about the game or each other since the team was developed? 
We've learned that football is extremely a team sport.  Every single person on the field has an assignment and if each player executes it properly then the touchdown will be scored or in my case on defence the play will be shut down.  Never have I played a sport where every single player is key in the success of your team.  You win together and loose together and because of this we have become very close.    

Although you ladies ooze sexiness in the photo shoots, are any of you tomboys at heart? 
Oh absolutely!  A lot of the girls on the team had never stepped foot in front of a camera before they made the Bliss so we had a team together for the photo shoot to make everyone feel comfortable and get the best results!

Any celebrity sightings at any of the games? 
Well of course!  At our last game we had Chicago Bears players, Chicago Bulls players including Luol Deng, and from The Green Mile, Michael Clarke Duncan.  

And Lastly, spill the 'Privy' find
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