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ASK: an Esthetician- Daniela's Facial Studio answers

Your skin is just as important as what  you wear on top of it, but often times we neglect,damage and don't spend as much time as we need to on our skin. We need to seek out the right answers to our very common questions to achieve that glowing, beautifully clear skin. We at Privydoll, have received questions from our readers that want to inquire about skincare and questions we all are wondering. Luckily, we have a fantastic, licenced Esthetician on hand to answer the letters from our doll followers. Daniela also has a fabulous skin care line that you can purchase in her studio or online. Don't be shy, ask away!

Dolls have written in, and are eager to gain knowledge from our favorite, privy Esthetician, Daniela. Contact privydoll@gmail.com to ask our privy Esthetician any of our skin questions! 

1)      To wax or to pluck
           Dear Privydoll,
What do you suggest for a first time eye brow sculpt?
Well, let’s face it – plucking is slower, waxing is faster.  How much pain can you tolerate ? J  Plucking also has a downside, which is if it’s not done properly, hair can break off under the skin and re-grow in the wrong direction and cause a painful pimple at worst, and stubble at best.  However, if you are taking or using any medications or treatments which cause massive exfoliation, like Retinoid creams, Accutane, or high percentages of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, then waxing will rip your skin off.   In these cases, you’ll need to get plucked.  If your skin is not being sensitized by these things, or if your skin is not super sensitive as it is (which is a lot more rare than people think) then waxing is less painful and causes less ingrowns and stubble.

2)      Sleeping beauty
          Dear Privydoll,
What beauty regime do you suggest for women for night time skin rejuvenation?
Nighttime is a great time for topical anti-oxidants, soothing botanicals and cell rebuilding ingredients to work with your skin while it’s rejuvenating itself during the night.  If you’re using exfoliating or healing products to combat breakouts, you want to use those in the morning to help your skin deal with clogging throughout the day.  Then at night you’ll want to use any products that have vitamins, peptides or any anti-aging treatments.  If your home has forced or radiator heat without a humidifier, you may find your moisturizer a bit lacking at night, but it shouldn’t necessarily be heavier.  Check with a skilled Esthetician to see if your nighttime moisturizer puts enough water into your skin and holds it there adequately.  If your skin is not hydrated properly, the heaviest moisturizer will do nothing but annoy you.  Heavier is not better.

3)      Blemish Babe
           Dear Privydoll,
How often should I be getting a facial if I have bad acne?
The first thing you need to know about facials and moderate to severe acne, is that your skin care routine at home has to be addressed first.  If the products you’re using every day are clogging and/or not hydrating enough, getting facials will end up being like jogging to Krispy Kreme.  Having said that, once your skin care routine is what it should be, and you’ve been using it for about 2 weeks, your skin should be soft enough, and therefore pliable enough, for a facial to get out what it needs to.    At that point, the ideal is once a month until your skin clears up.  After that, you would use the same formula as someone without an acne problem – after you get a facial, the day your skin starts to look the way it did before the facial, subtract two weeks.  That’s how often you need to come in. 

4)      Working It
Dear Privydoll,
I have had some work done lately, a nose job and have received botox- how soon can I get a facial after getting work done and also when I get a botox treatment?
For any kind of treatment after a nose job, consultation with your doctor is a must, since everyone heals differently.  As for Botox treatments, the best thing really is to get a facial right before, and then let the Botox do it’s job over the next three or four days.  It’s better than getting any facial treatment after.

Now, Lets get to know Daniela!

Company Name:
Daniela’s Facial Studio

 What 3 words to describe your Service:
Gentle, Knowledgeable, Thorough

What are the trends of Skincare?
The greatest technology to hit the skin care world since liposome encapsulated anti-oxidants is the new Peptide technology.  Short chains of proteins penetrate the epidermis to its lowest layers to help skin literally re-grow itself.  It repairs damage, smoothing fine lines, building up sunken skin to lighten dark under-eye circles and reduces puffiness and sagging.  Amazing stuff.

Favorite place for brainstorming and day dreaming:
Day dreaming I do pretty much everywhere.  It’s an old and strange habit.   But my favorite place to dream is anywhere that has a lot of history to it; brownstone buildings, old musty museums, overgrown gardens, and yes, cemeteries.

If you could do any celebrity’s makeup for a red carpet event who would it be?
I’d rather clear up some of their skin, yich…  Although…Angelina Jolie’s eyes would be fun to make up.  Lisa Edelstein would be fun, too, because she and I have a little of the same clubbing background and we both like to take risks with makeup.

And Lastly, spill the Privy find:
Daniela’s Facial Studio at Restoration Salon
2149 N. Sheffield Ave. in Lincoln Park CHICAGO




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