Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fashion Radar: Alice in Wonderland Inspired

Aren’t we all a little bit of Alice when we open the new issue of Vogue? You open the crisp pages and just  want to fall into those ads and drape ourselves with the season’s hottest trends in patterns, handbags and designer bling. With the new 3-D Alice and Wonderland coming out Friday it is no surprise that designers have taken the Alice in Wonderland inspiration to the runway and the streets. 

You can achieve a little Alice with some simple pieces like the blue ballet flats or a fantastic big, black bow headband. Designers including Zac Posen and Mui Mui showed a little Alice meets madhatter for RTW 2010. Influences showed up in shoes and party dresses.           
  Akira Blue Ballet Flat $69
                                        Black HeadBand- Forever 21 $4.80                                                             

    We also love what Tarina Taranti has done with her entire line focused and designed with the characters of Alica in Wonderland in mind. Her Madhatter mood ring and Alice on acid pendant necklace. Tarina is busy these days with the launch of her make up line sold at Sephora. Check it out here for pink and sparkly make up picks.



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