Monday, April 25, 2011

Fashion Radar: Beginning of Bandage

The 80's fashions have recycled themselves into our modern wardrobes specifically over the past few years, with the huge comeback of the leather motorcycle jacket, leggings and acid washes. One item that made its birth in the 80's by a designer we still look to for luxury chic has stood the test of time. One of the other iconic 80's must have pieces was the bandage dress. The curve- hugging and flattering dress appeared to be a bandage doubly layered across all the right areas. Since the 1985 launch collection of Herve Leger his bandage dress has been a staple over the decades. Currently, the bandage dress is back and many designers and retailers have recreated this genius dress. Your fashion history lesson has been adjourned.

This strapless bandage dress is a great spring choice with one of the hot colors of the season, gray. This dress is found on Asos for $193.94.

Want to experience the iconic dress?  Feel bonded in this magenta Herve Leger dress found at Nodrstrom for $1,250.
                                                 Get the look for less with this lilac BEBE Bandage dress for $109.
You can achieve this 80's staple with many of these extended bandage dresses like this one from ShopAkira for only $49.


Unknown said...

Stunning dresses...I still have a Herve Leger black dress from the 90's...my beautiful daughter wears it now!

Privy Doll said...

Catherine, I would LOVE to see your 90s Herve!! Post pic! or share it on PrivyDoll's Fb Fan page!

stylemefab said...

great selection of dresses!!!! I am always curious about the bandage dress...is it comfortable, can you breathe inside it, and does one still need extra support inside to prevent the bumps and lumps showing. I do want to own at least one Herve dress in this lifetime.



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