Thursday, March 17, 2011

Entertainment: Chicago Fashion Incubator Designers Showcase in Pop Up

Last night, the 900 shops were buzzing with local Chicago fashion talent. The CFI (Chicago Fashion Incubator) showcased the grand opening of the pop up shop located on the 5th floor of the 900 shops on Michigan Avenue. The six talented designers that were apart of the program have an opportunity to sell their items in this boutique designed especially for them until April. We had a sneak peek of the talent when PrivyDoll covered the Macy's Fashion Focus runway show last year. The room was decked out with platforms with a model from each collection. 

Even PrivyDoll was seen shopping at the pop up shop! Caught on camera by Your Trendy, where they also reported the fabulous event. I fell in love the the free style, reversible hoods by Anna Hovet. I plan on sporting it with a dress for a little extra surprise.
I love the showcases of each of the CFI designers throughout the night. I am a huge fan of the limited edition Made in Chicago T shirts and Ipod cases sold exclusively at the pop up shop, and like the message across the chest every part of making this shirt and ipod case was indeed made in Chicago! Love it!! Support local design and the CFI community!



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