Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fashion Radar: PrivyDoll's Top 2010 Trends

PrivyDoll has had a very fashionable year! We grew PrivyDoll to new heights and also launched PrivyGUY. It was a big year for us and it was a big year in fashion. Here is a little walk down the memory of what we wore in 2010.
Fifies inspired suiting for men and women was a big trend we saw early in 2010 with the madmen influence still going strong.

Summer was a time of peasant -influenced items along with a strong 80's influence as well. Overall 2010 was a modernized 1982. Wedges came back for summer. Paired with
The accented shoulder was a huge trend in 2010. You found shoulder pads in sleeveless, jackets, and dresses. This silhouette was one of the biggest must haves of the year.
Faux fur became a huge trend in fall and winter in 2010. Boots with the fur and vests were seen everywhere!
Lace made a big comback this year and was worn in dresses, tanks and cardigans. With lace, comes leather and leather jackets were HUGE this year. Feminine versions, ruffles and cropped motorcycle jackets were the ones to have. I couldn't talk about 2010 fashion without mentioning the legging and jegging.

What 2010 trends will stick for next year? Time will only tell, but I look forward to the trends of 2011!



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