Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Entertainment: Fashion Blogger Breakfast with Gilt Groupe Founder

PrivyDoll had the pleasure of being invited to an intimate breakfast with the founder of Gilt Groupe, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson on Friday at the Penninsula in Chicago. Tyler Thoreson, Director of Gilt Man also accompined Alexandra and had a great informal presentation of where the brand is going and the exciting news of expansion including Gilt City. For those PrivyDolls that have been living under a fashion rock, Gilt Groupe is an invitation- only shopping site which has turned into a one stop shopping site for women's, kids, mens, gifts, housewares and even trips. Today alone you can find deep discounted items from American Apparel, Alexander Wang and jewelry by Jacob & Co. to name a few. If that is not a one stop site I don't know what is. Besides having fabulous pieces every day and each item comes flawless and neber been tried on, the customer service I experienced as a member has been outstanding. PrivyDoll has written about this site in the past and was excited to get a chance to talk with Wilson about the products she brings in. Wilson made it clear that Gilt Groupe understands the "power of the blogger" and wants the community to be involved with feedback and assisting their demographic. All I can say is, this is one reason they have taken over the online shopping world.  THEY GET IT. They now have over 3 million members and Alexandra says they still are doing a lot of testing and growing.They test to see if housewares would work, if candles etc for their members.
When I asked Wilson what separates Gilt from some of the other invitation- only shopping sites out there she said. "Creditability. We are selective on the brands we bring to our customers and we like to keep it special." I was curious about some of the products on the site are these 'old' left over pieces from a collection that didn't do well or where do the pieces come from that make it on the site? Her response was quite interesting. Some pieces may be a couple months old however they make it on the site at a very relating more realistic time for shoppers. For instance there are boots and jackets on there now for fall and technically that is what the average PrivyDoll is shopping for right now going into Fall. Some pieces from designers collections are negotiated ahead of time with commitments from the designers but wont make it live until the items already hit the stores as well. For your invite to shop on this fabulous designer discount site click HERE. PrivyDoll invites you to join her in being a fan for life!



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