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Privy Doll interviews Alexis Mincolla, co-owner of Prometheus Springs, a new product- unlike any liquid you have tasted before. The brand is as unique as the man behind the brand. Alexis is well known for the Overthrow Miami parties and snuff films featuring slaying of Miami scenesters. Alexis and PS assisted in  growing the hipster market in a very bikini model driven town. Now in NYC, Alexis is doing what he does best including throwing great events, parties and launching a unique product that has caught the eye of many and is now  found in many Whole Foods Markets. This exclusive interview will give you insight to the man behind the juice.We, at Privy Doll LOVE Prometheus Springs and want you to be part of this PRIVY find!

INSIDER Interview:  Alexis Mincolla

 Label/Company Name:

Prometheus Springs

3 words to describe your brand:

Intelligent, Intrepid, and Original

Your style is extremely unique how does your style influence your work?

I’m not sure I’d say that my style influences my work but rather my psyche influences all of my output, whether that be my style or work.  All my projects are ultimately just extensions of my personality and if you see my website I think this comes apparent. www.alexismincolla.com

We often ask our style setters what products they can’t live without, in your case I suppose it is the product that keeps your mustache so perfect, what is your secret?

A protractor, a scientific calculator and a razor blade forged from the swords of dead kings… Seriously.

 What is your inspiration for Prometheus Springs? And who is its consumer?

My inspiration for Prometheus Springs comes from none other but Prometheus himself. He was a titan whole fearlessly stole fire from Zeus and beneficently gave it to all mankind. That’s pretty much how we feel at PS feel about harnessing Mother Nature’s fiery capsaicin extracts and providing it to everyone with our tasty organic drink.

As far as our consumers go, I like to think of them as the type of people who unapologetically explore their world.

Favorite place for brainstorming and daydreaming?

I’d have to say any places near water. My mind tends to set sail when I’m near the ocean so I do my best to stay close.

You were known in Miami for your OverThrow Miami parties which included videos of a mini saga starring you. CLICK HERE  How do you describe the mini videos created in bathrooms at clubs and can we expect more?

Ah yes the infamous bathroom murder series. For me it was just a tongue and cheek way of poking fun at the Miami nightlife scene that had got rather stale. I simply wanted to stir things up with some creativity and controversy. So I came up with the idea of being a sort of “scene killer” and literally started staging faux murders at a run down night club on South Beach. I told myself I’d only do it for one year and in that time I killed about 50 or so of Miami’s most influential people in some really strange and funny ways. As far as expecting more goes… I’ve been advised by attorney Samuel Baum to neither confirm nor deny the possibility of me killing more people in the future.

 Can we look forward to more flavors ? and more brand extensions?

Of course, we have about 12 other flavors in development right now but those are cards we keep close to our chest.  The trade secrets of our modern alchemy aren’t to be shared with all unfortunately.

Favorite Alcoholic drink recipe with PS:

The Spicy Lychee  Mojito

     2 oz. Light Rum
     4 oz Prometheus Springs Lychee Wasabi
     Top with Club Soda
     2 wedges Lime + 3 pieces Mint

And lastly, spill the Privy find:

I’d first check out your local Whole Foods or just consult our store list here:
and for the nocturnal spice lovers out there check out:
 http://www.theoverthrow.com/ because we have PS at all our events.



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