Friday, February 1, 2013

Ties Transformed

Ties are not just for your boyfriend or dad. Although the menswear trend seems to come in and out every couple years the actual look of wearing a tie has been transformed for women. You can wear a bow tie or an actual menswear neck tie but why? When you can wear a vintage tie turned necklace! JoJo And Sofia transforms vintage *what they do best into wearable, lady like looks with a look that commands attention and power.
All of the vintage tie necklaces are one of a kind and adorned with chains and vintage accents, often times brooches. Wear the necklaces straight on or tilted for a unique sophistication and personality. Available now online. Prices range $60-$80.  This is a statement necklace you will cherish!


Unknown said...

These are all very cute. ;)
xoxo Aimee


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