Friday, February 24, 2012

Beauty: The Inside of Ingrowns New Product Launches

 Many women suffer from something we rarely talk about. In grown hairs. It's something we often leave up to our waxer to deal with when we see her or we take it in our own hands for a painful extraction. Some are more prone than others, and those that suffer I promise will be thanking the beauty gods for an answer. A new product completely designed and developed by skin guru, Daniela of Daniela's Facial studio has done it again. She solved a huge problem for many women. Women who love lace and skinny jeans!  Daniela is offering $5 off for PrivyDoll readers, see more details on this amazing product and check out her site for a free sample size!
About the product: Daniela has invented a revolutionary new approach to the pesky problem of ingrown hairs along the bikini line, especially bothersome since the advent of skinny jeans, thong underwear and lace panties, along with those awful butt and thigh breakouts that say, "you sit way too much at your job".

Many clients are raving about this product in a series of trials the feedback was stunning she says.

What it is exactly :  An anti-inflammatory body powder, dusted on affected areas every day before getting dressed and once again before vigorous activity such as working out or lots of walking or running. Some people also find that a mid-day application during work hours with long-term sitting is very helpful.  It's called FerroRosa FrictionFix (TM) - Ferro meaning iron, Rosa meaning pink. The iron oxides in two of the major ingredients give this amazing powder its pink color as well as its anti-inflammatory properties.  

What it does :  Provides a barrier between your clothes and your skin that is both anti-inflammatory and protective at the same time, healing what is already there, preventing what would be there.  Absorbs moisture, calms irritation, reduces redness and prevents friction with a proprietary blend of calamine, zinc oxide, corn starch and clay.

What's the catch :  It must be used every day for real results, and it's really, really pink. It can come off on clothes, but it will not stain.

What's it cost :  4oz full size bottle is $20,  1oz travel size jar is $7.    Just for Privy Doll  readers, $5 off your first order. Discount code : privydoll. This discount applies for any other purchase from the web site as well.



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