Thursday, November 17, 2011

INSIDER INTERVIEW: La Isla Swimwear Desitination: Winter Get Away

 Everyone knows one of PrivyDoll's vices is an amazing swimsuit. When I find a new designer swimsuit I have to share it with you all. It was 30 degrees in Chicago today and only one thing on my mind: where is my next exotic vacation getaway and how soon can we book. It is days like these when I want to jump on a plane and run to an island. La Isla swimwear is that brand that embodies the palm tree driven getaway doll. I caught up with the faces behind the brand to get to know the brand better. Personally, cannot wait to rock my La Isla bikini next week when I am beach bound! The quality is great, and the patterns are fun and the fit is really incredible. Stock up now for your winter getaway at www.laislabrand.com

 PrivyDoll: What is the La Isla Girl? Who is she and where does travel to?
"The La Isla girl is a free-spirited, down-to-earth and adventurous girl who can express both her inner and outer beauty effortlessly. In her own element, the La Isla girl is able to embrace and enjoy her surrounding elements and become connected with her natural roots to the fullest extent. She is pleased by the sun and the ocean and desires the unbeatable satisfaction that being outside in nature gives her. She is confident in who she is and knows how to stay true to her individual style and unique flare.  
The La Isla girl is intrigued by adventure and fulfilled by relaxation at the same time. Wherever she is, the La Isla girl can find satisfaction in her surroundings by embracing herself and what her environment has to offer her. Whether she is soaking up the sun at a treasured secret beach spot, surfing the waves on the coast, or vacationing at a luxurious resort, the La Isla girl is sure to find pleasure, happiness and excitement."

PrivyDoll:    Swimwear is often times a hard thing for women to buy. What shopping advice would you give?
"Looking great in swimwear is all about comfort, confidence and a true appeal to the piece you are wearing. If you aren’t stunned by a piece, it’s not the right one to buy. It’s important to remember that finding the perfect piece won’t always happen instantly – there are seemingly endless options that fit just right on different body types. When shopping for swimwear, always keep your personal taste in mind, have patience, and eventually you will find the perfect piece that will leave you more than pleased. Always shop for yourself, not for others.
When shopping online, it does help to find a store with a good return policy. At www.laislabrand.com we have a 360 day return policy, which our clients really appreciate. If a suit didn’t fit you right, or you just happened to need a new size, send it back to us new with all tags and we will be more than happy to exchange the suit."

PrivyDoll :   Many people escape the blizzards in winter. What suit would you suggest for the following destination plans
·        Resort in Mexico
"Our Tribal World pieces release a natural and exotic aura, ideal for a lush vacation stay. Try mixing the print in our strapless hand crochet bandeau style with a string bottom featuring La Isla’s signature hand-embroidery. For a more fun and playful look, try mixing and matching the top with the Tribal World coconut, sea shell and wood-embellished bottoms."

·        Cruise in the Mediterranean
"Our Solid Wonders hand-embroidered one-piece suit would be a perfect, sophisticated look for a Mediterranean cruise. For a cute and youthful appearance, try the suit in our turquoise and orange cross-stitch combination. Or, for a more subtle and chic look, rock the style in our popular white and turquoise cross-stitch combination"

·        Summer home in Costa Rica:
"Our 60’s Love bikinis create a modernized yet retro feel with the combination of bright, vibrant colors that pop - perfect for either a relaxed day at the Summer home, or a long day on the beach. For a day of poolside relaxation, wear the halter-style top with the gold O-ring bottom to create a comfortable and stylish appeal. At the beach, try pairing a string bikini top and bottom for a fiercer look"

PrivyDoll:    What were the inspirations this season on prints?
"As always, our inspiration comes from our natural roots, down-to-earth style, and dedication to quality. This season, we incorporated themes from several influential eras, like the fun-loving 60’s and psychedelic 70’s. We also included several elements derived from nature’s inspiration as embellishments for our pieces. Keeping the La Isla girl in mind, our inspiration ultimately came from the natural spirit she embodies."


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