Monday, July 18, 2011

Entertainment: Oliver People is for the Chicago People

This week, Oliver People eyewear boutique has added Rush st. to their resume.  PrivyDoll had the pleasure to meet and chat eyewear fashion with the owner and founder, Larry Leight. The chic and classic sunglasses and eye glass line has been a staple for the fashionable since the 80's and has, in my opinion found a new fan, the sophisticated yet statement-making Chicagoan.

Antique shapes have made a comeback and yes, the classic O'Malley frames are available from the American Pyscho get up that really helped define the brand. I asked Larry, why open a boutique in Chicago, what is cool that sets it apart? " The stories you hear from the people that come in and share their first Oliver People's experience. Their family brought them in , it was their first pair of glasses....  and a lot of Chicagoans have traveled to Ny for glasses for years. "

Privy Doll and Larry, founder of Oliver Peoples
 One of the most exciting elements to this store opening in Chicago is the 50 pairs of limited edition Chicago sun glasses. Retail for around $600 these frames are going fast. The style is the Benedict, one of their most iconic shapes almost an aviator look with a 24 ct. gold coating and mirrored glass and happen to have polarized lens.



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