Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fashion Radar: Printed Pants

These aren't your cartoon pajamas. These are the 'it' pants of the season. Printed, relaxed fit or harem prints are in. They are cheeky, and a coversation starter to say the least. Many designers have used some really fun prints that are a great way to bring some colors into your wardrobe. You can easily sabotage this trend with a crazy top. Keep it simple, try solids and tucked in and depending on the top belt it for a more refined look with the pants.

I love this semi- tribal print that is still in neutral tones, You could even throw in a pop of color of wedges or a top to off set the gray tones. These are from Asos for $88.63

An amazing find from Rachel Roy

The splurge inspiration are these from Roberto Cavalli found at Neiman Marcus for $432.



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