Monday, May 9, 2011

Beauty: Best Bronzers

It has been a very, very, very, did I mention VERY, long winter PrivyDolls. Its the days like these that the weather is participating in our happiness of sun shining and highs hitting higher. The off days that we are able to show our bare legs again are here and for many its a sad, pale story. We are trying to skip the smelly self tanning and if Miami isn't in your close future try some of my favorite (I promise) products to give you a very soft, make up bronze for the rare chance a night out includes bare legs and some extra skin before summer hits. These products are truly found in my makeup cabinet and felt I should share my favorites.

My secret for traveling bronze: Michael Kors Roll Stick. This product is a bit hard to find but looks like a deoderant that is used for a very light shimmer that leaves the original Kors perfume scent behind. LOVE! I roll it a few times on my legs and arms before heading out. A smear proof product with just a hint of sheen and perfect for on the go.

Tarte also has a roll on product in a smaller size which also has a scent. a fresh fruitier scent with a bit richer bronze comes along with this roll on bronzer. This product is a great one to throw in your purse and found at Sephora.
 I also have two favorite lotion bronzers that I adore. Note these are not self tanners. They do come off with a towel or sweat off in a hot day and will immediately come off in the shower. These are for a nice glow when you head out to give your skin a natural extra shimmer.
Mac shimmer lotion is a small tube with a lot of kick. Use a dab of it after primer on her face along cheek bones for a nice shimmer before adding your blush.
 Victoria Secret also has a great garden collection that includes their top scented lotions in a sparkle version. High intensity bronze btw. It often leaves your palms extra dark, so remember to wash/scrub your hands after. But since this is just a lotion it comes off very easy. Great scents and easy to find.  Stay golden PrivyDolls!!


Unknown said...

Great info, I always use Chanel it seems to be the only thing that won't break me out. If you have sensitive skin like me Chanel is definitely the way to go.

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