Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Insider Interview: 1 of the Best Swim Suits is Your 1Sol!

PrivyDoll has posted blogs about gearing up for bikini season, how to dress for your body and what beauty regimins you need to start in order to be bikini-ready. Now that you are ready, PrivyDoll wants to introduce you to a designer I fell for. Meet 1Sol swimwear. The brand has pieces beyond their brazilian pieces (my personal favorite fit) they offer one pieces, tankinis and full coverage as well as cover ups. The collection is broad and tells a story among its collections. I caught up with the designer of the line, Jenny Pyle to learn more about her inspiration and some insider bikini advice.
PrivyDoll:When shopping for a suit what are your suggestions to look for in a suit that fits your body type?

1Sol: 1st thing is to know your body. I am very petite so I sway away from things that have too many horizontal seams or lines. It breaks up my body and makes me look short.
A couple examples of swimsuit no no’s would be:
Short legs= never wear boy shorts or boy briefs
Ruffles= enhance, not camouflage (total myth) if you have narrow hips or small bust ruffles will make you look curvier but not the other way around
Shearing = in the tummy is the best way to hide belly bulges
Bandeau tops and Halters= are the most universal silhouettes. They contain large chests and push up small ones
Full Coverage= isn’t always the best way to go. Pull out your most flattering bra and panties and search for similar things when shopping for swim.

PrivyDoll: That is great advice! I have to write these pointers down next time I shop for my own next suit!!

PrivyDoll: 1 sol has many parts of the collection: who is the 1 sol women?
1Sol: We are a TRUE contemporary line for fashionably active women ages 25-45. We have sexy silhouettes that have a wide range of coverage but the main thing you will see consistently throughout the collection is it’s fashionable styling and quality of fit.

PrivyDoll: What is the inspiration for this season's collection?
1Sol: My inspirational trip this year was to the Dominican Republic. I have never seen such vibrant greens and blues. The prints are all nature inspired and the art in the Dominican showcases lots of color and beautiful ombres so our color palette from 2012 reflects that.

PrivyDoll: We often don't talk about color trends for suits, but what colors do you think work best in bathing suits? and for this season?
1 Sol:  I honestly think women are more daring when it comes to swimwear colors. But what works best in my opinion are jewel ones and earth tones. The junior contemporary market is full of brights but for a contemporary woman we want complimentary colors that aren’t too loud.
For the entire collection and to buy one of these suits go to http://www.1solswimwear.com/



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