Friday, March 25, 2011

Fashion Radar: Highlight Your Spring Wardrobe

The color of the season.. highlighter yellow. And no pun intended, use it to highlight your spring wardrobe. It looks great with denim, or just a pop of color in your shoes or accessories like the bangle below. You can pair it with the other big trend of the season with nude or beige and great to layer. It is a little bit 80's, a little  modern but the way you incorporate into your wardrobe will be all you.

The bangle below is an easy way to start stacking the trend. This one found on Asos is a great way to introduce the trend solely or match it with the highlighter sweater to the left.
You can see here when a simple highlighter color top  matched with Gray harem pants the look is easy but still trendy. for only $12.80 at Forever 21.These are some great sandals from Blue Fly. The touch of highlighter yellow is perfect to go with all your summer shorts and dresses.


Collections said...

I am a huge fan of the neon yellow color. I really like the bracelet you posted.



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