Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion Radar: Where is Your Prada Made?

Prada's distinctive label is being transformed. A limited edition collection that will include items made in different countries that will include a label ' PRADA Made In ___" will make Prada a leader in global innovation.  In an age of globalization this initiative is not only trendsetting within the Prada family but also sets an example to other brands out there. Prada has always had an eye on excellence and  inpeckable taste. This project is no different. They have sought after other perfectionists in regions where they can produce a unique, product. The traditional craftsmanship that comes through each of these products is specific to the materials and manufacturing to that region. Look for these specific collections:

Prada: Made in Scotland: A collection of traditional tartan wool knits from the original UK workshope that utilize centuries-old manufacturing weaving technique

Prada: Made in India: A collection of entirely handmade garments from the workshops that specialize in Chikan- the most ancient and refined type of Indian embroidery.

Prada: Made in Japan: A collection of jeans produced by Dova, the world's most sophisticated denim manufacturer.

Prada: Made in Peru: A collection of alpaca wool knitwear using artisanal techniques from the most traditional workshops in Peru.


Jenna K said...

That's an interesting risk considering only a generation ago "Made In Japan" might have tarnished a brand.

Great blog, by the way!!

- Jenna from brunch (the pregnant one ;)


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