Friday, October 1, 2010

Fashion Radar: Revealing Spring/Summer2011

As we bundle up for the upcoming season, fashion's leaders showcased what we will be wearing next Spring and Summer. An overall trend I am dying for is the 70's inspired gem tones mixed together in a way we wouldn't normall do. But it works. The deep purples and emeralds with colbalt blue and red. The 'IT' color of the season will be orange without a doubt! We saw this trend on many of the high fashion desigenrs. I am sure many knock offs will be coming down the pipes with this vibrant, deep color sceme. I spotted Rachel Roy's newest collecetion showcasing this same trend.
These colors kept popping up in many of the designers at London and Milan's 2011 shows as well recently including Versus collection seen here.
And lastly, I couldn't not mention Prada's plastic hair- looking models that captured a modern mod look.



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