Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Entertainment: Spin Crowd's Lauren Talks Privy

Spin Crowd's finale premiered last night on E! and we loved every second of this season. Spin crowd follows celeb agency, Command PR in their LA office as they help their celebrity clients promote themselves and the products they endorce. Events, and drama fills the episodes along with the bigger than life personality of the owners and the four bombshell colleagues. Privydoll caught up with E!'s Spin Crowd's PR girl, Lauren to get the dish on the show and of course some privy stories that didn't make it into this season. Enjoy this exclusive interview just for PrivyDoll Blog.

PrivyDoll: The Spin Crowd has been a success on E! after the Kardasians. In every reality show they often have characters. I feel like they have portrayed you as the bitchy one. Is it that you just didn't like the girls you work with ?

Lauren: "I like the girls I work with. They all bring something different to the table, although I have to admit they all get on my nerves from time to time. I like to work effecently and I like to be scarcastic but I hate gossip and drama  so there's a lot of conflict."

PrivyDoll: You got to work with a lot of celebrities and grow their brands. What was your favorite one and was there a crazy moment that didn't make it on the show?
Lauren: "I loved Kelly Rowland. She is amazing. One thing that got cut was her telling me with her cute southern accent , "girl, you got a Biscut!" This means good bootie that pops!"

PrivyDoll: One of my favorite episodes is with Mario Lopez and the scene of you chasing him down to show some abs for your tanning client. What were you thinking while chasing him around, and did you really get a feel of Lopez's abs?

Lauren: " I was thinking of a raise when I chasing Mario! And trying not to die of embarassment! Jonathan is ridiculous to request that! I gave it a shot tho!"

PrivyDoll: Although they played the scene of you driving over speed bumps fast and caused coffee to spill all over your colleague that lead her to freak out and have a melt down, was that a bit intentional? She does seem like she would be fun to tease.

Lauren: "About the coffee... I asked her if she needed help, she was bitchy and said, no she could handel it. Anyone that's riding in a car with me knows I'm crazy driver. I  guess she couldn't handel It huh?" (in sarcastic tone.)

PrivyDoll: We hope there is a season 2. Is there any talk? And with or without season 2 what is next for you now that you got a taste of reality Tv?

Lauren: "Finale had A LOT of excitment!!! Wow!! It was an emotional ending and wrapping filming! Both bitter and sweet! Season 2 will hopefully happen! And if it does, no more holding back. Now I've had a taste of reality tv I'm a little less afrid. I was terrified before but wanted my job! Now I'm ready to have fun with it. People responded so well it makes me feel better about putting it out there! If we come bnack u can expect more outta my mouth that for sure! I was good at biting my tounge! "



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