Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Entertainment: Fashionable Halloween

Not everyone likes to go to the party store and buy a costume in a bag. It also isn't cute to wear lingerie to the club on Halloween. Been there done that. Be more fashionable than a store bought kit costume. We know all PrivyDolls will be a sexy (blank) on Halloween.  Privydolls are much more creative than that. I practically did all the hard work for you and gathered up some fashionable accessories to go with something you may already have in your closet to spruce up and make a costume. I came across these lace cat ears from ASOS to turn your sexy , little black dress into a sexy cat costume. What an easy costume for $13.

Have a fringe dress from this year's fringe trend? Pair it with a headband like this and you are a fashionable flapper!

A Halloween trend this year will be mocking the jersey mini , Snookie. Acheiving this look will be as easy as pulling out your old 'Bump It' and 2 cans of hair spray. Rock an old club dress you thought you threw away years ago and triple layer the eye make up and you are set!

 Another 'in the news' costume idea is dressing up as Elin, Tiger Woods's ex wife. Simply wear classic fitting clothes and possibly sunglasses with blonde hair. Put some fake divorce papers in your back pocket and complete the costume by carrying a golf club with you.



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