Friday, August 20, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT: Custo Barcelona Show Wrap Up

A little rain wont stop Chicago fashionistas aka Privydolls, in my book away from a fashion show. Custo Barcelona, known for their eccentric patterned frocks which are headquartered in Barcelona showcased an amazing show on Friday at the beautiful, Peggy Notebaert Nature Musuem in Chicago. The three hundred socialites crowded the runway to view the Summer/Fall 2010 collection. If you missed the celebration of color, you can look forward to another show produced, and promoted again by Funky Couture. You can assume the next show will be at another fashionable venue. Check the website back for updates! PrivyDolls can find Custo Barcelona frocks at their Water tower place store or online. Below are some of my favorite looks of the night!

Photography by Dean Paul.



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