Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ask: Skin Care Guru: Skin Care Not to leave at Home

Privydolls are jetsetters and as if traveling isn't hard enough these days, we all face the, 'what kind of skin care products do I pack?' dilemma. We have our routines at home, but as soon as it has to be combined in one small bag it becomes a deal or no deal moment to see what items make it into the bag. We have all been there when we have brought our entire medicine cabinet and spent $50 to check our bag to do so. Lets not do that again! We sat down with skincare guru, Daniela who also happens to have her own skin care line to see what she suggests a Privydoll should do while traveling. We were dying to know the top products we shouldn't leave home without. Daniela suggests:

What To bring on the plane :
  • 1oz spray bottle filled with alcohol-free toner to spray on 5 minutes before your flight
  • Sample size hydrating serum to apply over toner while it's still wet on your skin
  • Eye drops so there won't be such a difference between your skin and your eyes
  • Petroleum-free pot lip balm (not a stick) applied after licking your lips
What To stuff in your luggage : 
  • Gel or cream cleanser in a tube, no bar soap
  • Spray alcohol-free toner, no need for cotton
  • Sunscreen in a tube (make sure it's non-clogging!) so you can carry it in your purse
  • Nighttime lotion in a spill-proof jar
  • Liquid makeup remover so you can use it with your fingers if necessary
  • Snack-size ziplock bag with cotton rounds cuz you really should use those to remove your eye makeup. If you use those remover wipe things they can leave a film. 
  • Nail file. Trust me..

Wondering where to gather the goods for your next trip Like the cleaner or makeup remover above? Stop into Daniela's studio (2149 N. Sheffield) or purchase online  HERE.



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