Friday, July 23, 2010

INSIDER INTERVIEW: Tel Aviv Fashion Line

Israeli fashion has made its mark with scarves and dresses and is having a huge presence in street wear. Meet Tali Kogan, owner of Tel Aviv Couture. Pictured on the left Kogan represents 25 Israel designers in a showroom in Chicago. From accessory lines to bridal, Tel Aviv Couture is making a statement in the fashion buying in Chicago.I caught up with the Israeli fashionista to learn what inspires her and what is next!

Label/Company Name:
Name:  Tel Aviv Couture

PrivyDoll: 3 words to describe your company: 
Trendy, chic, versatile

PrivyDoll: What is your inspiration for this season/line entirely?
I feel that this season’s inspiration as a whole is versatility.  Many of the pieces that we have are able to be worn in countless different ways, giving our customers the opportunity to wear the clothing and accessories to seem as though they haven’t worn the same thing more than once. 

PrivyDoll:What are your favorite materials to use?
Since Israel is a warm country designers tend to use cotton jersey materials. Fabrics are so soft that you don’t want to take it off especially those warm summer days.

PrivyDoll: Favorite place for brainstorming and day dreaming:
The best place that I find for brainstorming is walking around city streets Chicago, New York ,Tel Aviv seeing what women are wearing to get ideas as to how to style certain looks and what I should be looking out for when choosing my products to be sold. 

PrivyDoll: Female entrepreneur of the year award should go to: Lady Gaga

PrivyDoll: As many Privy Dolls know, Chicago is often lacking from the fashion world’s radar. What kind of ideas or actions is Tel Aviv doing to bring more attention to Chicago’s fashionistas?
Tel Aviv Couture is constantly coming up with unique events that are differing from many other events held in the Chicagoland area.  Tel Aviv is also offering the women of Chicago with clothing and accessories that are different from many other brands, the products are unique and trendy and many of the pieces exclusively available at Tel Aviv Couture. 

PrivyDoll: What kind of press/marketing/celeb spottings has your company received?
Tel Aviv Couture has received press through the multiple events, which have included fashion shows, and special events held in our showroom, that we have hosted. We were featured in Chicago Magazine, CS, ABC news, Chicago NOW, Style Chicago and more. The company was also a part of World Fashion Chicago in 2008 and 2009. Linda Yu was wearing one of our designers Lia, at theWorld Fashion Chicago 2009.

PrivyDoll: If you could dress any celebrity at the moment who would it be?
If I could dress any celebrity at the moment I think it would be Jennifer Aniston. She has style that represents what Tel Aviv Couture is all about, trendy that still has that classic feel to it, and is always making a statement with whatever she wears.  I would also love to dress Madonna.

And Lastly, spill the Privy find:  (where can we find, buy and follow you and your line)
You can find Tel Aviv Couture on www.telavivcouture.com, Facebook “Tel Aviv Couture,” ] Twitter as “TelAvivCouture.”  Showroom located at 30 E Huron suite 4909 in Chicago available by appointment. online boutique coming up soon! 



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