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 As Privydolls know, jewelry can be the inspiration to put an outfit together or an after thought that is added that makes our outfits pop. Either way jewelry is just as important as the outfit itself. Just like the line itself is called, Luv AJ I came across the line and truly LUV AJ! The line is artistic, interesting and affordable. The unique line includes vintage pieces and even a budget friendly 'Under $100' section where Privydolls can find some great picks to add to our costume jewelry box. The ring pictured is her Best seller and I can see why this Fool's Gold ring AJ says, " I think people are digging the bad ass nature of the double ring and the jagged rocks." I also adore the SHOE Jewelry! What an amazing idea to dress up a regular shoe! See picture below.

Label/Company Name:
Name: Luv Aj

3 words to describe your label:

In your opinion what is next season’s trend?
Next season's accessories trend is definitely more masculine and menswear-inspired. I feel like with all these shearling boots, and dark patterned bags we're seeing for fall, the jewelry needs to be able to stand up to these heavy textures. So dark metals, heavy chains, and a hint of femininity are on the horizon for the next Luv Aj collection.

What is your inspiration for this season/line entirely?
I'm usually inspired by materials first and foremost. My favorite part of the whole jewelry making process is the hunt for the chains, and beads, and components. I shop around flea markets and gem shows to find the kinds of things that inspire me. Then I sit down at a table with all the mounds of supplies I have accumulated, and then its a game of mixing and matching and figuring out what looks right together.

What are your favorite materials to use?
The older, dirtier, and edgier, the better. I love vintage chain because it's always a bit tarnished and has this color and texture to it that you can't get from factory made chain. I am also having a love affair with Pyrite lately, it reminds me of fool's gold, and I love it's mix of dirt and bling.

Favorite place for brainstorming and day dreaming:
My backyard. We have this little outdoor firepit and couch area with twinkle lights, and I like to pour myself a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and read my giant stack of French Vogue and Numero and just think.

Female entrepreneur of the year award  should go to:
I have such mad respect for the Wildfox Couture girls. What they have done with their line of simple graphic tees is a testament to what good marketing and creativity can do for your brand. They have such an eye for styling, and are constantly collaborating with the coolest photographers, it-girl models, and the best accessories designers. They are really setting the standard for how creative lookbooks can get and how brand identity is so key to creating a strong following.

What kind of press/marketing/celeb spottings has your line received?
I've been so blessed in the press department with my line, especially with the current collection. I used to intern at Who What Wear, and the lovely ladies over there ran an entire story on Luv Aj called "Line We Love: Luv Aj" which really got the ball rolling. I was also featured on Refinery 29, Racked NY, Style Section LA, and have been featured previously in Elle Magazine, 944, and a few other publications. A lot of amazing stores are starting to pick up the line too, so Luv Aj will be all over the place pretty soon. The best way to check up on what's going on with the brand is our twitter! @LuvAjTweets

What clothing line do you think your line compliments ?
T. by Alexander Wang. The neutral palette of the clothes, and the loose and sexy silhouettes of all the tees and dresses pair perfectly with bolder pieces from Luv Aj. The bodychains always look so great with the Alex Wang racerback tanks; they compliment each other with their balance of sexiness and comfiness.

And Lastly, spill the Privy find:

You can shop the entire Luv Aj collection at www.LuvAj.com!

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