Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home: Interview with APRRO Designs

PrivyDolls love stylish furniture. and finding a brand like APRRO is like winning the lottery of design. I adore the the new designer's chairs which happen to just win this year's Best New Design Award. Check out his website and of course check out the showroom if you are in the LA area. I sat down with the new designer to learn his inspiration behind the chair that is gaining all this buzz and what motivates the line.

Label/Company Name: APRRO
Name: Alexander Purcell

PrivyDoll: 3 words to describe your line:
Alex: The line aims to make the world more alluring place one expression at a time.

We normally report on fashion trends, but home trends are just as important and are parallel. In your opinion what is next season’s trend?
Two things stood on display at the Salone in Milan. Firstly, craft is influencing design again. Numerous products are twisting artesian craftsmanship such as knitting, weaving, or inlay with modern technology to create contemporary forms. Secondly colors are defiantly getting bolder there was a lot of bright and neon highlights utilized.

What is your inspiration for this season/line entirely?
I don’t really design my furniture to be seasonal per se, I create objects you collect and enjoy for a lifetime. Though there are of course always streams of inspiration. One constant that always informs my work are the fine strands of human recollection that resonates with our emotions.  Along with an evolving interest that directs my focus; presently that is the idea of threshold furniture – objects that exist in the space between indoors and out and can be used in either.

What are your favorite materials to use?
I will work with almost anything. On the one hand I do enjoy the tactility of wood and metal yet at the same time I enjoy incorporating cutting edge materials. For example the use of Corian Spiro chair means the engraved artwork is completely customizable so every chair is a little different – like a snowflake.

What is next after wining this year’s Best new Design award for your Spiro Chair, what kind of line extensions can we expect?
We are presently developing a plywood version of the Spiro chair. For which I have applied the form language to a wingback, stool, task chair, bench and coffee table… to name a few

Favorite place for brainstorming and daydreaming:
In public spaces - I love people watching and I find the anonymity of the public domain strangely serene and focusing.

Congrats on opening your first store! Do you sell your line in other stores other than your boutique?
Everything is made custom by hand for each customer so no one has sat in or used it until you receive it. I prefer to deal directly with my customers as each piece is like a work of art and I want each person to understand the passion, time and craftsmanship that goes into each pieces creation.

What advice would you give other entrepreneurs who want to open their first boutique?
Brace yourself its chaos!

What kind of press/marketing/celeb purchases has your line received?

Some selected press:

As for celebrities I have been working with Hill Harper and Shaun Faris on some bespoke work but a lot of my clients wish to remain nameless.

And Lastly, spill the Privy find: 
7466 Beverly blvd, Los Angeles CA90046



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