Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fashion Radar: Stiletto Bliss... at last!

Is it possible the shoe gods have answered our stiletto prayers? It was just a couple weeks ago I was shopping at a department store, trying on 4 inch heels, of course and an older women stopped me and asked."Those are gorgeous, but are they comfortable?" as I pranced back and forth in front of a mirror trying them on I quickly answered, " of course not, you even said they are gorgeous- then how can they be comfortable? What a silly question!". Privydolls know that function doesn't always happen with fashion and fashionistas are willing to give this up too often. Dr. Taryn Rose (known for her successful fashion line with same name) has launched High Heel Power. This line of leg wear, footwear, skin care for the feet and handbags launches on HSN this week! "All women deserve to feel good in their shoes." quotes Dr. Rose and I say, Amen to that! This very affordable line uses her technology for comfy heels and accessible to the masses. This Stiletto stick below can easily make your Louboutins last all day. Simply put this on the areas of rubbing and you are good to go!

          The skincare line includes scrubs for tired feet and after shaving cream.Handbags can often take a toll on your back and your feet. Rose has come up with handbags that relieve that pain. I love the idea of a bag heavy on fashion but light weight.
Don't worry about giving up style for function anymore.  These studded sandals here are only $109 on HSN.com and will provide your footsies with comfort!

Make sure you check into Taryn Rose on HSN today, Wednesday May 19th 6pm-7pm and again Thursday May 20th 2010 7-8pm ET



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