Monday, May 10, 2010

Fashion Radar: Alexander Wang Spring

Like me, you may of not worn khakis since the 90's but since  Alexander Wang collaborated  with GAP for a khakis line last summer, it  made you want to rethink the classic pant. His 2010 RTW line definitely looked like it had a GAP influence with classic colors, lots of khaki jackets, wedge loafers and a gray sweatshirt infused with a corset. The picture on the left is from Wang's 2010 resort collection. Love the modern denim shorts, paired with the safari style trench.

Wang said, " Our girl wants investment pieces." And there are definitely investment pieces in all his collections. We wanted to find some looks that achieve the 'Wang appeal' but under a budget.  Below are looks from his Spring 2010 collection. Look at some budget-friendly looks we found.

I love
I love this Khaki- tie romper from AKIRA. The $49 romper fits perfectly with this line, and would look great with these matching AKIRA - found DOLLHOUSE wedge shoes for $49!

 Zara also has some great classic finds with a modern twist for Spring 2010. Their look book HERE can give you a great idea of the look. High waisted beige dress pants, white crisp shirts and casual blazers complete the contemporary business look for Spring 2010.

A few must- haves for this look is a comfy, white blouse. I love the one here from Anthropologie for $88. Imagine it tucked in loosely with a military style short and wedges.

I actually love this entire look from SHOPBOP.com
and this jacket is listed from Rag&Bone for $395.



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