Monday, May 24, 2010

Beauty: Hot Bun Trend

Whether it be a day you have unruly hair or you just don't have the time to style it, putting your hair up in a bun is the easy solution for a modern up do for day or night. Celebs have been wearing buns on the red carpet all year long. Braided buns have been spotted all over Hollywood and the runways which are a bit harder to do yourself but is hippie-cool. Privydolls are always looking for a tool to make our hair styling easier. Goody has come up with one of the best tools I have seen in a long time! Spin-pins by Goody is a spiral screw shape tool that takes the place of about 20 hairpins.
Step 1) Brush your hair out, hold outward and twist  your hair

Step 2) Twist it low or high on your head, wherever you want to the bun to be placed.

Step 3) Secure the bun with screwing the Spin-pin into the bun on the top. If your hair is thicker or curly you will only have to use one pin. If you have very, thin hair you may need two pins one on top one on bottom.

The Goody Spin- Pin can be found at CVS, Target, Amazon, or Walgreens and many more retailers for about $6!



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